LA on the mind.

I'm planning a trip to LA next are just a few of the things I'm looking forward to checking out...


Torrance Art Museum - Studio System II

My brilliant and talented friends Chenhung Chen and Samuelle Richardson are participating in this residency. I can't wait to see what they're working on. Plus Chen owes me one of her fab staple drawings so I get to pick that up.


Craft & Folk Art Museum - Katherine Gray

Ever since a friend shared this link with me on Facebook I've been obsessed. I'm so glad I'll get to see this exhibit in person. I love the idea of lighting being an integral part of the piece and not just incidental to the space (part of what captivated me about Adrián Villar Rojas' show at the Geffen earlier this year...a show you were asked to inspect through your phone flashlight!)


Coagula Curatorial

I'm sad I'll miss Pure Not Proper (a four day show? what the what?) but excited there will be an opening while I'm there.


Marciano Art Foundation

The reality projector! Oh yeah. If only Cudra Clover was going with me this time.

Want to meet up? Let me know!