"Before I have the chance to edit myself." (Ariel Pink)

“I’m basically

capturing me before I have the chance to edit myself…

…I don’t plan it ahead, I have no filter, I just throw it into the world and my words crystallize and get taken out of context and have a life of their own. I’m not for or against what I’m saying, I’m just being reckless about it. I say things without thinking about the consequences.”

— My future BFF, Ariel Pink, talking about how he only writes lyrics right before recording them, which is essentially a kind of automatic writing, which I relate to as a lot of my artwork incorporates this same approach, although possibly for different reasons.

As heard on Episode 1 of the “Are We Still Talking About This?” podcast.

Please enjoy 2 of my fave Ariel Pink songs…

And please enjoy 3 of my most Ariel Pink-ish “automatic embroideries”, circa early 2017.