Bits & pieces.

For some reason I've been obsessed with little fragments, bits and pieces, since I got back from LA a week ago. This started on the airplane ride home; I cut some jagged pieces off a larger scrap and made a couple of little things on the plane.

PS there was an older lady next to me who (no joke) said, "Oh, what are you making? Can I watch?" And then she watched. And then I think she got very confused.

And I've kept at it since getting home.

Not sure where these are headed...maybe together? maybe not? maybe just a counterbalance/palette cleanser to the large pieces I was working on in May?

Photos are coming in...

Starting to get my new photos in from Anna Pacheco. Yay. xx

The magic of names.

I've been thinking about titles this week. I have a penchant for longish titles that imply a haunting narrative.

Case in point, Diedrick Brackens, whose work I saw at the Made in LA show. Some of his...

IMG_5192 - Copy.JPG

the flame goes

heaven is a muddy riverbed

opening tombs beneath the heart (at left)

in the decadence of silence



Another case in point, Michelle Kingdom, whose poetic embroideries I saw at bG Gallery.

IMG_5552 - Copy.JPG

They had been two flowers which had opened then and there

The shadows parted and fell to their feet

A spell so exquisite

Preparing for flight (at left)


Love this. Thinking about it. xxx

In black and white.

I just found out that I'm going to have a piece in a show in Springfield Illinois. This show looks incredibly cool. It's all black and white work, and each work of art is paired with original writing, inspired by the artwork. Here's the piece I'll be showing: Seance, 9" x 12", ink and pastel on paper, 2018. I can't wait to see the written accompaniment.





Photos from Hawi.

The other day, I got to spend some time taking photos with the very talented and patient Anna Pacheco. I've been thinking about lighting and how important it is. For instance, here is the same piece with dramatic vs flat lighting:

IMG_3366 - Copy.JPG

My goal was to get decent photos of a piece that will be in the Art of Labor exhibition at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles starting in July. Here's some of what we got...loving this direction!

Ray-Joy_Portal-3_Fiber_2018_18x18x1-5_B - Copy.jpg


Message in a bottle.