UX & iA

Since the early days of the Internet, Joy has been a leader in the emerging fields of User Experience and Usability, creating breakthrough digital experiences for brands such as Disney, Citi, Lexus and Nestlé. 

Her expertise spans digital interfaces (including responsive, web, kiosk, email, mobile, tablet and social), verticals (including technology, entertainment, financial services, e-commerce, and healthcare), and methodologies (including UX design, information architecture, user research/usability testing, taxonomy, and UX/content strategy.) 

Naturally curious and passionate about user experiences, she excels in simplifying the complex and aligning user needs with business goals to drive conversion.


What Clients are Saying

Joy’s research resulted in additional $3 million in revenue.
— Confidential Client
I can’t say enough good things about Joy. From the huge push at project inception to handling incremental sprint-to-sprint delivery, she’s turned out to be a trusted professional. I’d definitely enlist her help again...she’s jumped in and been hands-on when needed, coached more junior UX people, and helped me on presentation and vision to execs.
— CT Rhude, Executive Director of Engineering, Beachbody
Joy’s organization, dedication and drive to make the experience the best one possible is beyond evident.
— Jack Karapetian, Product Manager, Beachbody
Joy is an amazing architect, the best of the best. Joy is just as effective working with developers and strategists as she is meeting with, and educating, executives and CMOs. Joy can be counted on as an expert and a trusted partner. She can accomplish in one day what would take most specialists a week!
— Trish Arellano, Director, Online Marketing & eBusiness Strategy, Jenny Craig
A strategic thinker with a true gift for creativity and business logic. Joy is inspiring. She is easily the most valuable person on any team interested in intelligent and articulate solutions.
— Jayson Truttmann, Director of Client Services, BLITZ
Joy is a designer of the highest caliber. She has an uncanny ability to connect with users to learn that tidbit of information which turns into insight. Joy is also an excellent communicator with results that focus on value and are always actionable.
— Daniel Kamerling, Product Manager, Beachbody
Joy is an IA rock star and a project manager’s dream come true. On a chaotic project where the requirements were ill-defined, the schedule tight, and the drama high. Joy was able to easily navigate the environment and produce an elegant sitemap and wireframes that my team could readily run with. Joy played a pivotal role in the success of this project.
— Emily Rasmussen, Project Manager
Joy is an absolute rock-star. Solid, solid work on one of the more complicated pieces of marketing software I’ve ever been asked to help shape and define with UX professionals.
— Robert Bachle, Director, CRM Strategy, ATMOSPHERE proximity